CXIO Quick Guides

Centrifax CXIO (Cloud Exchange Information Objects) is a command language and file format for storing, transmitting, and reconstructing structured message data that can be easily converted to XML, JSON, EDIFACT, X12 and other widely recognised interchange formats. The format has been designed to be human readable and fast to compose within text-based user interfaces such as Centrifax Express.

These short guides explain how to compose messaging using the CXIO messaging language. Click Start to begin.

CXIO Terminology

  • Command Object
    Indicates the type of instruction to process. For example, INFO, RULE.
  • Directives
    The keyword tokens within the command instruction. For exmaple, HEAD, BODY, LINE, ITEM, ADDR
  • Descriptors
    An expected value against the preceding command or directive. For example, given the instruction: “INFO myorder”, “myorder” is the descriptor for the INFO command.
  • Decorators
    Optional keyword tokens within the command instruction. For example, IS and AS.

File Naming Convention (FNC)

When saved to disk or transmitted via file-based protocols, Cloud Exchange Information Objects should end with the .cxio suffix, for example "invoice.cxio". The recommended mimetype is "application/cxio".