It is our mission to become the trusted global brand representing secure information management, storage and data exchange for business

About Us

Many organisations throughout the world continue to rely upon manual processes to exchange and manage information due to outdated or inefficient technology, that is often costly or difficult to change.

This is especially common regarding business-to-business process-driven communication and commerce based electronic data interchange, which our company aims to improve.

Information exchange is one of the cornerstones of modern life. We rely upon it to receive information from one person to another, from one system to another, and from one organisation to another. However, with so much data being exchanged, it can be difficult to ensure that it is done correctly, securely, and efficiently.

Improving Information Security

Data security is a major concern when it comes to information exchange. As more and more data is stored centrally in digital form, it is increasingly vulnerable to attack. Hackers can gain access to sensitive information, and even manipulate it, if proper security measures are not in place.

When data is transferred from one system to another, it can often be corrupted or altered, leading to inaccurate information being exchanged. Another challenge is ensuring that the correct information is being sent, as it is increasingly easy for human errors to be made.

If the wrong information is sent, it can cause serious problems, such as financial losses or reputational damage. Additionally, if the information is incomplete or outdated, it can cause further downstream issues. Finally, ensuring efficient information exchange can be difficult. With so much data flowing between systems, it can be challenging to keep track of it all, which in turn can lead to costly processing delays and penalties.

At Centrifax, we understand these challenges and are designing solutions to solve many of these problems for our users.